Friday, July 10, 2009

Chineses chess Freeware_XieXie 2.5.17

This is a free chinese chess software (xxm 2.5.0 free). Strong enough for most of players.

- Download the XieXieMaster 2.5.17 installer at :

- install XXM to the PC that you plan to use XXM (It may not be your own PC if you send XXM as a gift to your friend)

- run XXM program

- Click menu tab "license" then click "generate license". This will create a licence2.5.17.bin file in your XXM installation directory.

- Send back the licence2.5.17.bin file to

- I will send back to you a valid registration code workable only on the PC which generated the license bin file. Without this registration code, XXM is NOT workable. If you have several PCs ( Max 3 ), just send the appropriate licence files, so I can generate the code for you.


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